Blog Award

Well, thank you to Nicole from Riding the Wavez for giving me a One Lovely Blog award for Believer’s Brain. I’m posting the thank  you and whatnot over here at Oodly because this is the personal, less serious one sort of thing. So, the rules are:

One Lovely Blog Award


Thank the Person who Nominated You: Thank you very much Nicole! Everyone go look at her blog!

List 7 Random Things About yourself: Well,

  1. I have a skeleton in my study, who I think I have mentioned before. He is very nice.
  2. I get strangely excited by new stationery.
  3. I am addicted to women’s magazines (Chat, That’s Life, Take a Break)
  4. I crack my knuckles all the time, I’m afraid. It irritates people.
  5. I can cross only one eye at a time.
  6. I have hairy toes. (Yuck)
  7. My godmother says I have the mark of the devil on me, because I can bend the first joint of two of my fingers. Not sure if that is a good explanation of that…maybe unclear.

Nominate other bloggers:

Well, my favourite people are:

  1. If Narky, Feed Profusely
  2. Chaos and Control
  3. Songs and Sonnets
  4. Giant Fossilized Armadillo

That’s it! They’re all great.

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